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Who's Bella?
Bella is 3Dolphins Beautiful Intelligence Assistant, our virtual representative. She is tech-savvy, smart, love to share information, and an easy-going persona. Ask her anything! She loves giving and gathering knowledge at the same time.
We are divers.
Customer experience is a deep blue ocean to learn, and the divers are to dive in the knowledge for you, within the help of artificial intelligence! We, the divers, are strengthened by five core values that enable us to do what it takes.
it’s all or nothing, we do everything dedicatedly.
customers are dynamic and customer experience is unstoppably evolving; we do pace along.
we are all ears to our customers, appreciating your inputs and insights.
Customer needs a reliable partner for their customer experience; we always make sure to be counted as one.
we know it’s never one without the other, great teamwork is what makes us conquer customer experience.
Customer experience is a deep sea that is difficult to explore alone; therefore, we can help you to explore it deeper, reaching the lowest fundamental base of customer needs. Supported by AI, you can see how our algorithm safeguards your business ecosystem.
It’s not only exploring a bigger ocean but also swimming a deeper trench
Expanding the market might be an option, but building deeper relationships with customers is at another level. 3Dolphins is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution that is applied to companies and organizations to improve their customer experience across all channels. AI is used as the technological foundation of our products, combined with the deep expertise and extensive experience of the team. Built as enterprise, cloud or on-premise solutions, our approach enables seamless collaboration between machines and people. The 3Dolphins solution was developed by PT InMotion Technology Innovation (InMotion).
Why 3Dolphins
Top Chatbot AI Solution
Top Chatbot AI Solution
Top Independent Software Vendor
Our Client Achievements
PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) & PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri by Infobank Magazine
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