A Bot Can Literally Talk to Your Customer… LITERALLY!

By the newest feature Voice Responding Bot, now 3Dolphins based bot able to give respond in voice form while interacting with customers. The result: the bot can literally talk, literally, to your customer! Thanks for voice recognition technology that has been implanted in 3Dolphins bot.

Detecting Language

Voice Recognition Technology automatically able correspondence between a bot and human aligned in a similar language accordingly, both in text and voice form. It’s now available today InMotion’s customers that has already use 3Dolphins CRM.

The Benefit of Voice Responding Feature.

Within this feature, users are expected to feel more comfort when they have to face instruction or procedures in the live chat via web with the bot, like book a ticket, fill a form, or web registration – instead of just reading the steps one by one. This is of course requiring user’s audio tool. The comfortable ecosystem lets customer to choose to be loyal to your brand for your customer service are reliable to guide them through pain points.

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