Dear Release Note

Software has been once sold like hardware; distributed in a limited physical form such as disc or CD. To keep track of their updates, users have to buy again another software (in which formed as… hardware).

Meanwhile, unlike providing hardware, software needs to co-opt the user’s need, apart from the host hardware itself–It’s like instead of buying a new house, people are supposed to make a call for a plumber to fix the water instalment problem.

By that, now software is shifting to sold as a subscription for both parties committed on to frequently maintain update based on specific and direct demands, like bugs, issues, or as simple as fixing user interface.

The updates don’t always be resulted for the main system; some cases only related to one or several clients, and vice versa. We don’t always solve a huge issue; some cases only fixing small particular details for enhancement.

Those bugs and fixes have been all over the place and we need a safe haven to put all the changes we have been through, and that safe haven is the release notes; it’s something full of documents that are distributed with software products or product owner, whether it’s still in the development or test state, and all changes explained in non-technical language.

What do we write down? There are three categories of updates:

  • New

Well, you might need to buy a new table in your house because you need to put anything together at a place. Adding a new interior to your house is like what put on the New section; it’s the section for us to write down new features that never been exist before to complete our SRM, like making wallboard can be configured per user basis, or creating body email pop up before it’s clicked, and else.

  • Improvement

Now you have a basic table in your house. You just recently realize that it took a lot of space in the living room. Some guests even skipped to sit in this place and rather have a chit chat in your family room for it is cosier and homey. By that situation, you might need a foldable table to safe some space while there is no guest around. That’s what we called improvement: adjusting client’s need upon our existing features, such as adding support to record unique bot engagement to profiling activity.

  • Fix

Yeay, you have a foldable table now! But evidently because you screwed the hinge too tight, there seemed a crack appears on a side of your table. You need to fix it. That fix is what we put on this section; fixing a broken system. Fixing bugs. We put activities like, for example, fixing session bug in mobile caused by active data type.

By the way, why did we call it a safe haven? Like a diary to our tough days, it’s a secret! This diary is the one who only know what we have been through the problems (re: bugs and issues), just notes of some parts of the system changed in a page; written accordingly in time and updated by weekly.

But users would still be in the know about the update, you can ask our Project Manager in every week to know if things have changed.

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