FAQ Best Practice: How to Make a Good and Proper FAQ

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is a part of a website that revolves around customer’s repeated questions and complaints. FAQ enables businesses to be more concise in handling customer’s needs, as this is the first thing customer access to find out information independently before actually making a call. FAQ menu is usually put in the ‘contact us’ page as it relates to the product the most, different from ‘About Us’ that mostly explains about company’s history and vision.

FAQ usage in the bot is a perfect solution for those who decide to decrease and make efficient customer service’s workload. Besides, in this world full of reply-me-ASAP-but-don’t-get-me-any-wrong-answer demands, bot FAQ is the right thing to do.

FAQ application is not limited to only customer service, but also able to displaying promotion or company’s event.

Ideally, FAQ format is in single question format, not in following up inquiry. The information available in the FAQ are not having frequent change, like general product information, feature information, or company-related information.

In making FAQ, we have to initially prepare the most wanted question and relevant answer for each. In bot, we could appear some questions at once for a single reply. Question list is adjustable to any possible language style used by the customer.

Best practice of making an FAQ Knowledge

Here are some things you need to know in making FAQ in 3Dolphins

1. Knowledge title: FAQ has to have a title and here is where to put it. It’s to let you know the topic of the FAQ.

2. Question pattern: you can set the questions you have been list down here.

3. Answer pattern: here is the place to put the answer to the related issue prior.

You can vary the answer depends on the possible form and the target audience to make it less monotonous, as we provide you with multiple types of response such as button carousel, quick reply, and survey.

  1. Attach digital asset: to make answer in the form of button carousel, picture, video, and else.
  • Attach survey: to make answer in the form of a survey, mostly used as an assessment end session.
  • Attach quick reply: to make answer in the form of a quick reply

Setting FAQ Knowledge

On 3Dolphins bot, there is part of knowledge setting to group FAQ based on desired criteria.

1. Language: to put FAQ based on language

2. Module: to put FAQ based on folder

3. Context: to put FAQ based on the access limitation

4. Effective and expired: to set the FAQ validity period

Making FAQ is indeed time-taking if there are a lot of things to put. Yet, 3Dolphins provide a template for bulky upload, to which surely saving much of your time.

To learn more about making bot more communicative and less monotonous by adding digital assets, please refer to this documentation or contact our 24/7 support.

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