Plural sentence understanding bot

The long weekend is in the air. For Donna, a media company sales executive, this is the exact moment to break awhile by doing holiday out the town, and what she knew about the fastest way to accommodate her itinerary is to book hotel and train tickets to a travel agent via WhatsApp, for its relatively far simpler than book it on web or app and the fact that customer service would stand by 24/7 on WhatsApp.

The message she typed was: “Got to book hotel and train ticket for 4 Feb.”

If you see it closer, her message implies two requests at once; and to some bot, chances are they missed the point. How the bot might process the request? Isn’t a bot only comprehend single request in a sentence based on decided dialogue flow? Well, through new feature Single Phrase Multi Intent Execution, 3Dolphins based bot able to process multiple intentions in a sentence.

Single-Phrase, Multi Intention

Today 3Dolphins released new capability that lets bot possibly understand multiple intentions in a sentence, it’s Single Phrase Multi-Intention Processing. This is to answer problems where customers had to finish a booking to continue other bookings although both are on different matter or product. On Donna’s case, she has to finish one book first, for example, a hotel, to recently continue her booking in train.

This feature able 3Dolphins based bot to scrutinize customer’s plural sentence in a typing, and by plural sentence we mean a term that consists of two singular sentences combined by connecting word. Our AI machine able to identify that connecting word itself, to then intelligently process the intention aimed.

Unlike the prior case above, Donna is not responsible to continue another booking after finishing one; she just has to type what she needs, and the rest is what bot have to do. On a more complex case, the bot could handle even totally different intentions.

Likewise, the example below we made, on cases about unrelated requests which are 1) finding music, 2) ATM location.

Through this capability, the conversation between the bot and customer is getting more humane, and the customer experience is getting better at last because this lessens the frictions between both.

Single Phrase, Multi-Intention is corresponding to various industries, even let their brand getting more alive, humane, and conversational. But the best practice and most relevant scenario we suggest is for banking, automotive, and travel companies.

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