Process Flow 101: How Process Flow Work?

Process flow is basically translating codes into nodes, enables you to overview the end-to-end process of source enrichment for bot in a simple interface. This module lets you scratch external source articles to accordingly connected as answer to relatable questions. To give you an idea of what process flow looks like and how it does, let’s take a look at below simple process flow.


The above workflow runs a process flow which requests to a national annual holiday API, do some manipulation with the data and output the result. You can read the more practical tutorial writing here, exampling how to ‘kidnap’ data about the 2020 annual holiday for your bot. By now, we are going to theoretically explain you about what each node would do you good.

What the process flow does is it will start the process from the start node which is defined the first time when you create a workflow. There is nothing inside here, just a point where you need to start the process.

Next, it will trigger a webhook node that acts as a callback. Every process will start from the webhook as will be the root node and determine which node will be executed next within the workflow. The output of the webhook node can be derived from the HTTP Request node.

The process will find the next block of node, which in here it happens that the next block is HttpRequest node. HttpRequest node triggers a request to the third-party API. In this node you will have to set Http Request configuration, such as defining the request header or request body. Once the process in the HttpRequest node is done, the output of an Http response can be used by Mvel Node to manipulate the data.

Mvel node as explained above is used to evaluate expressions written in Java Syntax. This node will try to execute a script given the input which is derived from the previous node. The above Mvel node will output display information about national calendar of all 2020 holidays.

By introducing our new module, process flow, we hope to help any 3Dolphins bot developer to simplify the development of chatbot integration. If you are looking for deeper information regarding our process flow you can read in our documentation about process flow here.

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