Ticketing 101: How 3Dolphins Helps Companies Interact with Customers

As a Social CRM, 3dolphins is a platform that helps companies interact with customers. Being an omnichannel, 3Dolphins makes it possible for companies to communicate and gather data of customers using channels of their choice, whether it is by text, chat, email, or social media. This ease means better customer service, a greater understanding of customer’s sentiment, and more precise insights of their customers. Combine those and we have the perfect ingredients to make data-driven decisions and improve customer experience.

Omnichannel interacts with customers in a different way than multichannel. They both offer several channels for customers to communicate. Still, omnichannel is customer-centered service technology which no matter how many channels customers use, it will see it as one interaction point.

In 3dolphins, customers can switch between several channels and agents will see them as the same person because 3Dolphins stores their social data as one contact.

Let’s say a customer has interacted with your company through email. One day the same customer tried to contact your company through WhatsApp to ask for follow up. Agents will be able to see the customer’s ticket history, making it easy for agents to track the customer’s interaction histories, and for the customer to ask for follow-ups. Thus, making it as one seamless interaction between different channels.

On the company’s side, we also provide several features that help agents interact with customers. We believe that collaborative work helps to solve the customer’s problem faster and more efficiently. Here are several features 3Dolphins has:

● Transfer Ticket

The transfer ticket feature enables agents to transfer tickets to different groups. A use case example when this feature is needed is when agents got tickets related to problems their group is not specialized to deal with, they can transfer those tickets to groups where agents are more specialized for those problems. Meaning the customer’s ticket will always be on the right hand!

● Escalate Ticket

The escalate ticket feature enables agents to transfer tickets they are dealing with directly to their supervisor. This feature is usually needed when agents need their supervisor’s help.

● Takeover Ticket

The Takeover Ticket feature enables supervisors to take over ticket from agents under their supervision. So, supervisors can proactively take tickets from agents who they think need their help, without having to wait or ask those agents to escalate those tickets to them.

● Sharing Ticket

With the ticket sharing feature, agents can share tickets by generating a link to it. Anyone can see the ticket’s conversation from the generated link even when they are not logged in to 3Dolphins, making it easier to share tickets to anyone.

To conclude, 3Dolphins helps interaction with customers more efficiently by putting tickets where it needs to be and making those interactions as seamless as possible, even when tickets come from different channels and handled by multiple agents. All customers want is for their problems to be solved quickly, and it is our job to make sure those tickets answered not only swiftly but also made the process easy and seamless, for both agents and customers.

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