Ticketing 101: Interacting with Customer Part I

Companies are emerging the concept of serving borderless to the customer through social media, surpassing email and phone calls as brands to get closer to their customers, reflected by how more natural companies in exchanging information needed, like documents, pictures, or other rich media.

Paradoxically, all these social media channels instead left a new challenge in managing them all together, and by the fact that each social media has different support of media to send. Meanwhile, companies need broad help to interact to give the best customer experience flexibly.

To face that challenge, 3Dolphins SRM provides multi-format support to help customer support agents give more straightforward information through supported channels. In this article, we would like to explain about the existing features we have.

Send file attachment

The agent can send the supported media file according to the channel used by the customer to communicate to the incoming and outgoing message as well. For outgoing message, our chat window would adjust supported file type when showing options, so it eases agent when sending a file to the customer.

Send digital library

There are times when the media file sent by a customer service agent is a standard base knowledge of a company. On cases like registration, for example, before the customer does the terms and condition, the agent would explain about it first. Usually, the agent would send a template pdf file of information about the registration requirements and steps.

By that, we provide a feature that helps you share available digital library to the customer, whether in the format of video, audio, picture, documents, card, and options.

Send FAQ

Beside digital library, the knowledge base saved as FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) where an agent can find information needed based on a particular term related to the customer’s question.

FAQ can be inputted in 3Dolphins module and used as knowledge for the chatbot to help customer’s need for information automatically. Here, we optimizing bot knowledge to use for agent seek the right answer for the customer.

Send form

We provide a customizable form for agents to handle customer’s registration in a split second.

Form selection process

Form filling by customer

Canned message

On the interaction with the customer, there are answers made standardized, such as greeting format first answer conversation. 3Dolphins provide canned message feature that enables the agent to save answers easily accessed as a shortcut by only type ‘/’ on the message column. When chosen, the message fill would automatically input.

So far, we’ve talked about how 3Dolphins SRM help customer service agent in interacting using new digital channels. But these channels aren’t going to replace existing channels like email, call, and face-to-face interaction. On the upcoming Ticketing 101 article, we will discuss interaction with the existing channels.

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