What’s New: Agent Attendance in 4.9 Version as Customer Service Coping Mechanism in Covid-19 Prevention

Along with this pandemic issue, governs starts to slow down activities that take a back and forth transportation routine to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. This policy somewhat shifts companies working dynamics as workers demanded to stay at home, including customer service.

To take part in the companies’ coping mechanism during this outbreak, we launched a new feature in our 4.9 version as the newest one, the Agent Attendance. This feature enables supervisors and administrators to set up agents working hour and KPI per month, so both still fulfil each other.

Agent Attendance has four fundamental aspects to enrich companies’ capability in handling customer service human resource to work from home.

1.         Operator shift

Here, the working hour considered as a shifting group, therefore supervisors can divide agent based on the shift group they are.

2.         Shift mapping

After, supervisors able to track agents’ working hour every day to then recorded as a report.

3.         Operator target

Although customer experience is something qualitatively felt, quantitative measurement is indeed the key to build trust in this long-distance working. Supervisors can set a monthly target in terms of keeping the KPI assessment on track.

4.         Analytics agent attendance

From the overall feature explained above, numbers will be recorded in reporting analytics, depicting agent performance either work from home or still on office yet.

We embrace you to keep productive while staying at home. Technology innovated to encourage your productivity wherever you are. Stay healthy by working at home and stay sane by working with 3Dolphins. Ps. Do not forget to wash your hands and cleanse your keyboard frequently!

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