How does the
bot sail?
Walk the Walk
As customers enter the conversation, the bot will guide them according to the big map of customer journey you decide your own.
Talk the Talk
The digital library lets the bot conversationally provide relevant answers for customer's various FAQs according to your customer journey, creating a lively chat experience.
Grow the Flow
Level up your conversion rate by managing the conversation path within the dialog flow so the bot would sail accordingly.
Roll the Role
Decide the bot's persona and job role with the bot manager according to the company's need.
Thing the Think
Gather insights and enrich sources with Think. By the ability to read and absorb written information, let the bot do the wanders.
How it works
Natural Languange Processing
Indonesia geographically produces various kind of language and slang words, NLP helps you recognise the distinct language used locally.
Natural Languange Processing
We believe context matters. To live up conversations, Think engines contextual machine reading comprehension to answer human's complicated and peculiar possible questions.