The AI journey across the industries
Chat Banking
3Dolphins solutions enable financial services brand to securely automate core processes from balance checking to open an account. Built-in as on premise conversational service, both safety and easy access are available for customers in a hand.
Healthcare customers are increasingly more demanding, not only they want things to be personal, but also desire fast services and simplicity. We help healthcare brands elevate customer experience by providing seamless and efficient conversational healthcare services across touchpoints, like scheduling appointments and medical invoicing.
Insurance 3Dolphins solutions provide simple and easy access to the financial advisory within only a touch at any platform customers like to use most, delivers simplicity and speed as a form of advancement in the customer-centric approach.
3Dolphins solutions can tackle barriers in decisions alteration, especially in adjusting itinerary. We facilitate flexibility in the dynamic customer journey at every stage, from researching, planning, booking to experiencing the trip. This advantage also enables brands to address their travelling customer’s needs everywhere, anytime, on any channels or devices, faster and in a more personalized experience.
Public Services
The public deserves service multiverse aspects; be it about tax, electricity, citizenship, and many more. We too assist public service to be delivered in timely communication, clear correspondence, fast response, and all the best possible service matters.
HR System
The HR service is one of the company’s aspects of workers welfare. Our solution is applicable for automating the HR system in submitting and approving leave, reimbursement, and many more.
Everyone, be it an online shop owner, an independent entrepreneur, or the buyer itself, relies on delivery service to reach to reach untouchable addresses, and at the same time craving for exact seamless fast update about the sent thing. Within 3Dolphins solution, logistic companies provide easier access to request a delivery, track the shipment, amend an order, track a shipment, and get delivery notifications.